A Nation is Great (Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam), not because of few people are great, but because everyone in the nation is great.

I wish you all to excel in your studies and become Doctors, Engineers, Scientists, Officers of Armed Forces, Teachers, Lawyers, Administrators, Political Leaders and above all the best human beings with traditional value system and societal care.

The Challenge in the mission of Developed India call for an important, cohesive and focused efforts of the young.

Dr. A.P.J .Abdul kalam



DPS carries huge expectations from the society to mould every kid who walks into our campus and be able to adapt to future trends, be it education or personality development. The foundation stage and curriculum are designed keeping the needs & demands with the times. We teach children how to think and connect between their learning & experience. We aim to encourage learning by making the curriculum as interactive as possible, where children can learn practically and develop their independence as learners. As a management policy we bring professionals into the school and take the children out to places to expand their experience and make learning more real.

At DPS we aim to encourage and support each child to achieve their best and enjoy learning. It is important that we all understand and keep to the rules of our school in order to achieve a safe, happy and ordered learning environment.


Our curriculum includes language, Art, Music, Math, Science, and movement activities implemented into monthly theme-based units. Your child will gain self-esteem and independence as they are treated with respect and encouraged individually.