Empowering children at their own pace, has been the one thought behind the vision. Learning is approached with a harmony between inner directed and outer directed activities. Childhood is not about teaching, it's about feeling.

  • What I hear
  • What I see
  • What I touch
  • What I eat
  • What I smell
Our Golden Rules

Schools are now required by law to keep a careful record of attendance.

Authorized Absence

If your child is absent, please be kind enough to inform the school and send a letter explaining the absence when he / she returns.

We hope that parents will arrange to take their annual holiday during school holidays but if this is not possible a holiday request form, available from the office, should be completed.

Unauthorized Absence

There are occasions when a child is late, or a note has not been received giving a reason for absence, or days have been taken outside the scope of the regulations, e.g. occasional days out, holidays longer than 10 days etc. These are regarded as unauthorized absence.

Permission to Leave the Premises

No child be given permission to leave the school premises during the school day without the written permissions / request of the parents and the agreement of the Principal.

Illness in School

If a child becomes unwell in school or we have any concerns over the result of the child's health parents are contacted by phone. It is essential that the school has an emergency contact number of the parents.

Behaviour Policy
"Good behaviour is necessary condition for effective learning to take place."

Within a school 'family' some rules are essential; these are mostly matters of common sense to ensure the safety of our.

children. The emphasis in the school is to praise positive behaviour, attitude and effort and to increase children's awareness of the need to make a positive contribution to their community.

We have a Behaviour Policy which is consistently applied by all adults who work in school and is outlined below: